Monday, May 19, 2008

End of the Year Art Studio

In art, the last few weeks, many of our classes have been enjoying working in stations. I have been trying out choice art with my classes. Choice art is a way of teaching art where students are given choices (stations - like centers) to work in and they choose to work in areas that interest them. We have had some fabulous art work created the past few weeks and many of the students have been enjoying this change. This drawing was created by Josh P., one of our Memorial third graders. He created the drawing very quickly, looking down at his chair and drew what he saw. Then he colored it with oil pastels. Here are some other pictures of students working in their various stations.
At Robinson, last week, I even took the third graders outside to draw the front of our school building. The weather was great and we have some great drawings, too. I will probably upload some of those later. I did not get any pictures of the drawings yet.