Thursday, January 31, 2008


Our annual Art to Remember fundraiser will be starting soon. This is a great opportunity where your child's artwork can be reproduced on a variety of quality items that can be used for gifts and keepsakes. We participate in this program every year. Our East Jackson parents have been very supportive in the past. It is an important fundraiser for the art program because it helps us offer a quality art education to our elementary students by providing the main funding of the art materials and supplies that we use throughout the year. Please consider participating in this great fundraiser. Order packets will be sent home the first week of March and orders will be due on Friday, March 21st.

Crazy Cactus

I left this art lesson for my sub while I was on my maternity leave. I was impressed with how they turned out. Our fifth graders did a fantastic job. The inspiration for this lesson was the artwork of Carmen Lomas Garza. It was a great lesson for reviewing line and pattern.

watercolor paint, markers, colored paper, gluesticks and scissors

After looking at Carmen Lomas Garza's artwork, the students drew their cactus and painted it with shades of yellows, blues, purples and greens. The following week, students added line designs and patterns to each part of the cactus. Finally, they finished it out with triangles they cut from yellow, blue, green and purple construction paper.