Saturday, February 23, 2008

Delicious Paintings we didn't really eat the paintings, but they sure made us hungry! These paintings were inspired by American Pop Artist, Wayne of my favorite artists. I showed several of these paintings to our students and talked to them about how he used color and showed light in his work. We also noticed that he sometimes liked to paint with paint so thick that it looked like frosting. The students really enjoyed this lesson, and I think it was because the subject of our paintings was something everyone loves! Room 8 (Memorial) even got to experience the subject in art class. They won the ice cream party for the highest points in art class for the first semester! We celebrated with an ice cream sundae party on Friday. Way to go Room 8!

Play a fun math fractions game based on Thiebaud's painting of cakes! You can also select the Cake Maker from the list of activities at the top of this page and create your own version of "Cakes."

Learn about the artist, Wayne Thiebaud

See more of our Memorial students' delicious desserts on Artsonia!

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Julie said...

I love these paintings! Did you use tempera? What kind of paper did you paint on? Were you instructing the students to mix tints of colors? The colors are so beautiful and all look like they've been mixed with white.