Monday, February 4, 2008

New Student Gallery at ARTSONIA

I have recently been working on uploading artwork to Artsonia, the largest student art museum on the Internet. This is the coolest thing! I have been wanting to publish some of our students' fantastic work in a gallery, and Artsonia is a great service that I am very excited about. Artsonia is the world's largest online art museum with thousands of works of art by students in over 100 countries. I believe this project will help boost the students' pride and self-esteem, technology awareness and multi-cultural understanding. Further, the project enables parents, relatives and friends to view the child's artwork online. I encourage you to participate in Artsonia by registering. As a registered parent you can submit artwork to your child's gallery, invite family and friends to join the artist's fan club and also approve any comments that visitors leave in your child's guestbook. Besides showcasing our students' artwork, Artsonia also offers parents cool gift items imprinted with your child's artwork, much like Art to Remember (our Spring Art Fundraiser). Our school art program will recieve 15% of all the order revenue. So not only do you get great gifts and keepsakes, but your order directly supports our art program. You can view your student's artwork by visiting and searching for our school or by first name. Not all students have artwork published yet, but I'm working on it. When your student's artwork is published, I will send home a note with their screenname and password. You can find out more about Artsonia and all they have to offer by clicking the link.

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