Thursday, November 13, 2008

Russian Towers

This lesson is based on the beautifully patterned towers of St. Basil's cathedral in Moscow, Russia. Our students learned about this wonder of the world and then, inspired by the designs, we created our own version of the awesome towers. I found Crayola Color Surge packets at a local office store for $1.00 each! So our 5th graders enjoyed creating this project using Color Surge!


Patty P said...

Hey Julie!
This looks great! What's a color-surge crayon? I must know!
Also, did you cut out the cathedrals and place them on orange paper or is the background colored with orange paint?

Ms. Julie's Place said...

I love these! I will definitely do this with my students. It would make a great hub for a unit study project.
Thanks so much for sharing. By the way I am going to google Crayola Color Surge right now. I have a few projects over on my blog, feel free to drop by sometime and use whatever you like.

Ms. Julie's Place said...

Okay we did the towers today! I could not bring myself to get the surge markers though since they only work on the surge paper. So we used metallic marker to outline and either marker and crayon or oil pastel to color in. They turned out gorgeous!
I am trying one of my own as well- tangle-style in black ink on purple paper. I'll post it when I'm done.