Thursday, September 9, 2010

I'm back!!!

Yes, it's been two years since I posted ANYTHING on this blog. Here's why.: because of cuts in our district, I was reduced to half time art and was also assigned half day kindergarten. I taught kindergarten and art for two years. It was a crazy time! But I am glad for the experience, really.
This year I am back to teaching art to all the 750 something kids DK-grade 6 in our district...and I couldn't be happier. OK...well, of course I would be happier if I had longer art classes (half hour classes back to back are hard to get used to) and if I had more money in my budget...that would always be nice. But really, I am looking forward to an amazing year! I am so excited about the possibilities this year holds for me.
Our beginning of the year project is an idea I got from this great art teacher's site...I've barely had 10 minutes in each class to have the kids work on it...because first days require going over rules and expectations...but I think they are loving the challenge of creating a "mono-chromatic" picture using only one color.

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