Saturday, October 16, 2010

6th Grade Design Trees

This week, some of our 6th graders are moving towards finishing up their tree drawings. To begin this lesson, I provided my students with several visual examples of silhouettes of trees of various kinds. It would have been ideal to venture outside to actually study and sketch the trees, but we are always so short on time around here. They got the idea though...their tree drawings were simply amazing...every one! Above are just a few of the drawings where I think some creative ideas are happening. Below are a couple of drawings. I wanted you to be able to see the great designs these artists are coming up with. So fun!
This lesson provided a great opportunity for learning about positive and negative space. When they are finished those trees really stand out against all the colorful designs!


Mrs. Hahn said...

LOVE the trees! You have inspired... you may similar work in the future on my blog:) Thanks for sharing!

Hester said...

Did you use Overwriter markers or just regular marters?? This is an awesome lesson, may try this!!

Patrick James said...

I was wondering if i could use one of these drawings for a project. Please contact me at