Saturday, October 16, 2010

Russian Towers finished

The fifth graders at Robinson are also cruising along on their Russian Towers. After outlining these with crayon in several colors, students painted their drawings with watercolors (liquid and regular). They had a lot of fun blending the blues, pinks and purples in the background. I showed them how to paint the paper with water first and then add the colors on top and swirl them around.

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Tom Bremer said...

Hi! Just wanted to give you a shout--found your blog after googling for some art projects. Ironically, my blog looks quite similar, though I am only a few posts in.

I'm following now, so I may be "borrowing" some of your ideas in the future.

I teach the same level as you... perhaps later in the year we could do a cross country collaboration... leave me a comment on my blog if you are interested!